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Model Answer (Language) It’s the motherfucker problem. In Chinese, it gets translated as stupid dick. Well, that’s not good enough. And if you’re a bad motherfucker? A cool cow? Idioms, the eternal goat- getter. My maternal grandfather had a goat that he milked daily. The splash sounds against an iron pail punctuate my vague memories […]


Moths Two of us, either side the kitchen counter, the light above us buzzes over the dead night’s quiet. And outside there’s nothing but a dark void that the moths keep floating in from. The oven clock is three minutes behind, and ticks over to 2:17am. We swirl tea around big mugs and whisper between […]


Exposure Inside of me, there is hair, wound up and balled And knotted tight. It is the thing that fills me, makes my stomach soft. It tickles against the underside of my skin when I laugh or cry. Once I pulled out a hair from my eye. I thought it was an eyelash, but it […]

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