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Howdy! Didn’t think we’d make it, did ya? Well, here we are—two and a half months late. And what a journey it’s been! Dylan and I thought up Fish Barrel back in May after a guest speaker came to our high school and encouraged us to start our own lit journal because why the hell […]


gone before the solstice / past tense pastoral [about] Adelina Rose Gowans is a 17-year-old second-generation Costa Rican/Honduran-American writer and artist. Currently, she’s a senior at the South Carolina Governor’s School For the Arts and Humanities, where she studies creative writing. She’s also a 2020 YoungArts Winner in Writing, the first place winner in the […]


SHH, IT’S A SECRET [about] Sophia Durose is a twenty-one year old writer, ex-circus performer, and avid pug lover from Florida (unfortunately), now living in Philadelphia (fortunately). Her work has appeared in literary magazines such as “Rainy Day Magazine,” “Revelry,” “The Same,” “Contemporary American Voices,” “National Poetry Magazine,” “The American Library of Poetry,” and “Apricity.” […]

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