Model Answer (Language) It’s the motherfucker problem. In Chinese, it gets translated as stupid dick. Well, that’s not good enough. And if you’re a bad motherfucker? A cool cow? Idioms, the eternal goat- getter. My maternal grandfather had a goat that he milked daily. The splash sounds against an iron pail punctuate my vague memories […]


Moths Two of us, either side the kitchen counter, the light above us buzzes over the dead night’s quiet. And outside there’s nothing but a dark void that the moths keep floating in from. The oven clock is three minutes behind, and ticks over to 2:17am. We swirl tea around big mugs and whisper between […]


Exposure Inside of me, there is hair, wound up and balled And knotted tight. It is the thing that fills me, makes my stomach soft. It tickles against the underside of my skin when I laugh or cry. Once I pulled out a hair from my eye. I thought it was an eyelash, but it […]


Injuries in Time and Space #3 One time, playing at school, I was young and invincible. There was a wasps’ nest in the railroad ties that terraced the grounds creating a border garden around the swings, monkey-bars, teeter totters. I stuck a stick in their doorway; they swarmed. That morning at mass, Mike turned and […]


This is no holiday She hated her mother so joined a cult. Just turned up one day in her thirties and told us she had seen the light; Be praised! No more holidays, birthdays and no blood from another. It reminded me of the day a heron swooped into the garden and ate all the […]


K.F.C. when i was eleven we got eight chickens. cloud was my favorite, with only white feathers in a year majority of them were killed a lethal team—raccoon and possum one morning before school my brother and i had to let them out of the coop the chicken wire was torn into and we found […]


Text Messages Sent from Traverse City to Hong Kong Delivered 2:18 AM, EST |Sometimes the distance burrows |into my top-left-rib |because I can’t stop <thinking |about seeing your fingers |splayed around a cup |of tea, fingernails <bitten, maybe |jagged little half-moons |hung, weeping |at a hot mug, fingerprints <molding back |into place |after quickly tapping […]


Birdman Naked, you lay in the kitchen floor’s crater, your body spread like a map: clusters of black chicken feathers. duct tape. and papier-mâché. Shrapnel crackles in the mouth: “better. we can do it. fly higher” and yet, I peel away skin upon skin of hardened wing to reveal your back swelling its bruise patterns: […]


soft you’ve got the kind of heart i could settle down in. i don’t know why i said that. i mean, really cozy into and let myself be wrapped up in. it takes a special kind of person to get me to fold myself up into a paper-pebble love note and tuck myself into your […]


Quedo Blvd. The boys in my neighborhood like to pick oranges from trees in their front yards they throw them as boys would and boys do and the oranges explode in spectacular fashion just the way you’d expect they would and do Glorious creamsicle pulp flings through the air like dynamite or actually maybe like […]


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